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Hello, my name is Idan and I have been part of the tech industry for over 10 years, mostly focused on Frontend technologies and languages. Besides hands-on coding, I have experience managing small to medium R&D teams with Backend, Frontend, and QA team members. Also, managing remote freelance developers on various client projects. My latest cutting edge and bleeding tech experiences are actually teaching and passing on knowledge to the younger generation of developers.

Skill Sets


HTML, CSS, JS, runs in my veins and I’m up-to-date with the current versions of these languages. Over the years I have worked with Angular, React, Bootstrap, Backbone, jQuery, and any template engine you can think of probably I have used it. My favorite is Nunjucks which is a port of Jinja. Nowadays, I’m building my own JavaScript framework, SASS Ui Kit (yeah, I’m one of those people), and other development and deployment tools, you can check them out down below in the Products and Open Source section.

Frameworks and Backend

Ruby on Rails, Flask, Express, Laravel are the backend frameworks I have used over the years and I have a basic understanding of PHP, Ruby, Python, SQL languages. My knowledge of Node.js is better, after all, I’m a Frontend developer. Sometimes, I will act as a Full-stacker… that doesn’t read well, I prefer to be called a Web Developer. I’m also great at connecting APIs with different data structures, Backend to Frontend, Frontend to 3rd-party services, earth to space, moon to mars, vice versa…

CMSs’ and SSGs’

Swear to god I’m not cursing! CMSs are your typical content management systems like WordPress, Ghost, Drupal and SSG are Static Site Generators architectural concept that making a comeback!

On the CMS side, I’m most experienced with WordPress and a bit with Shopify and Ghost. I have built various websites using WordPress, starting from the design and development stage all the way to production light at the end of the tunnel.

On the SSG side, I’m most experienced with Jekyll and know a bit about Middleman and Gatsby. This very website is built with Jekyll, check the code.

Also, I have created multiple themes and plugins for the above platforms, even got a chance to build a WordPress VIP plugin.

One more thing, I have a feel for UX/UI design. This always helped me communicate better with design and product professionals to make great end products. Responsive design with parallax scrolling are my jam. I can create a solid design on top of given Mockups or Wireframes using a preferable Design System (Material Design, Bootstrap, etc).

Products and Open Source

StaticPage (Website):

Quick and simple Coming Soon pages builder with the ability to download the source code. The app is 100% me, from the design to the backend, for the website I have used the help of friends as described in the credit section of the website.

It is powered by Flask, PostgreSQL, Flight.js (dead Twitter event-base framework), SASS, and hosted at Heroku with file hosting on AWS S3.

ToDoin (Web Store):

All developers have their shot at making a to-do list app, this is my variation as a chrome extension. The most differentiating feature of this to-do extension is the Private to-dos. Why you need private to-dos you ask? For me, working in an office environment created the need to keep some to-dos private.

I have built this product with Backbone & SASS and then converted it to React app but the React version hasn’t seen the light of day. I have created all the graphic materials except the logo, this credit goes to my friend.

Kit (GitHub):

With the help of a friend we are creating an awesome Ui Kit! The Kit is based on SASS (actually SCSS, but potato tomato, right?), and besides doing the same stuff that other Ui Kits it taking advantage of SASS features use, importer and functions. Also used by this very own website.

The use of these features gives the Kit abilities like importing Google Fonts for offline use, creation of SVG sprites, or converting images to base64. All that can be achieved with just a “CSS framework” and the help of a SASS compiler.

The part I’m really proud of is writing tests and documentation for this Ui Kit. Yes, you can document and test CSS with the help of SASS True and SassDoc.

Feature (GitHub):

The big picture vision is a tool belt for the agency web developer / portfolio website freelance / side project backend developer. Still in the making, inspired by jQuery and Rails. Take a look at the git repo for more information.

Rebo (GitHub):

Never liked NPM and wasn’t a big fan of writing yarn as the main command in the terminal. Parallelly, I have begun using jekyll and this one is a pain in the butt as far as written commands in the terminal go. So, first I have written a Rakefile for each of my git repos wrapping the yarn and jekyll commands with a rake one. What a relief that one was. Several Rakefile files in I fell in love with the architecture of Rake. The simplest task runner I have ever used!

“From here to there” as we say in Hebrew I found myself with a bunch of rake tasks wrapped inside a gem named rebo. Why Rebo? It’s easy to type 4 letter word that was available on RubyGems.

Client Work

In my career, I have worked in small and large companies doing a bunch of roles. From a junior developer, through webmaster, freelancer, frontend developer, web developer, senior frontend developer, and up to team leader.

While doing those roles doesn’t if I were a freelancer or a full-timer I have treated everyone outside the team I was part of as a client. Meaning, I was trying to understand my client’s needs and serve them with the best version of a solution to their needs.


  • 2 UI Kits (or design systems).
  • Certified WordPress VIP Plugin.
  • Various WordPress websites, 2 of them with Multisite support and coherent design done by Parent->Children themes adjustments.
  • 100+ successful design to code conversions, even before the time of responsive design with the need to support IE6.
  • Helped build frontend web apps of any shape on any size team.

Thank you for reading.