April Fool's Beginning

Hello friends, family, and people I met along the way!

TL;DR I’m starting a journey as a Bootstrapper and will be launching a product on May 1st.

Fresh Start

After 10+ years in the tech industry as a FrontEnd/WordPress/BackEnd guy, I have decided to quit my job and follow the dream of creating a remote product company.

Lots of different product ideas floating in my head that I would love to see (and use) in the market today. Turing one of these ideas into a real product will be my main focus in the following months. Also, I will be writing about the journey of taking this product to market.

So, what is the product you ask? A product that I have been working on over 3 years (on/off, mostly off) and some of you are probably tired hearing about it.

StaticPage is a page builder made for creating Coming Soon pages with features like a countdown clock, social icons, MailChimp integration. Oh, and the ability to download the page and publish it on any hosting provider you want. I know it’s not much, but it’s only the beginning!

You can enjoy watching an old demo video of StaticPage here:

The marketing efforts will be focused on Door-to-Door marketing to page building sellers on freelance markets like Fiverr, as Paul Graham famously said: “Do things that Don’t Scale”.


I will be launching StaticPage on May 1st, with all the irony it being the Worker’s Day and all.

What’s stopping me from going back on the promise to you, delivering StaticPage in one month? A lifetime commitment to you! OK, not a lifetime but a weekly one. Every Monday, an email update will be sent out describing the progress that been made that week. The extremists can get a daily progress update by following me on Twitter (@idan_goldman).

Help Out

Still reading and want to support me? I have entered a landing page contest to win $5k! Winning it will help growing StaticPage as a product and you can help too! Click on the link: https://bit.ly/GetStaticPage to the landing page I have created as part of this contest. Type your email in the form, click on “Get Early Access” button and you are done. Thank you for your endorsement!!!

Until next week, enjoy and let me know what you think! 🙌

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Thank you for reading.