TLDR; I’m good at building frontend stuff, want to hire me? Say Hello.

Table of Services


Bug fixing, adding features, optimizing speed, in other words, day to day tech maintenance. I can help you with maintaining your website, mobile or web application using various technologies. For example WordPress, Shopify, Jekyll, Gatsby, React, Vue, Vanilla JavaScript, Rails, Flask, Express, and Node.

Design to Code

Do you have a design made in Sketch/Figma/Adobe XD/even in good old Photoshop for your next website/landing page/admin panel/web application and need to make it into a working prototype? Maybe you need to convert the design into a working frontend application receiving business logic from the backend and communicating it back. Either way, I can help you with that, with years of experience converting a design from Sketch/Figma/Adobe XD/Photoshop to plain simple code of HTML, CSS, JS. I can convert your design into a theme for WordPress, Shopify, Jekyll, Gatsby, or template for Rails, Django, Flask, Laravel, or other applications. Have a React, Angular, Vue, or Ember, not a problem at all. If you ask nicely, I can make a design system out of your design as well.

Custom Made

Have an idea for an application/website/mobile app/chrome extension but don’t know how to code it? I’m your guy for the job! I have the experience and what it takes to code an idea into reality using the latest tech.

Frontend Staff Support

Need an extra team member on your project and don’t have the time to hire a full-time frontend developer? I’m your man for the job! I can quickly understand your project’s requirements and architecture and start working with your team asap.

Maybe you need an in-house frontend team but don’t know where to begin? I can come in, analyze your needs and recruit an in-house frontend team for you.

Webmaster Staff Support

Have a WordPress website, maybe a Shopify store and need someone from time to time make changes to it on a design and code level? Fix a bug, add another product page, update a plugin, make a backup, stuff like that. I can help you with these kind of tasks as I have experience doing so with this kind of content management systems.

Code Review

Need another set of eyes to look at your code? Maybe you need a piece of advice about the current code architecture? I can help you with that free of charge. My specialty is frontend code, everything to do with HTML, CSS, JS, React, Vue, Design systems, and frontend deployment and development setups with tools like Gulp and Webpack, Parcel.


Do you need a recommendation on a good hosting provider for your WordPress or Jekyll website? Maybe you need a hosting solution for your Rails or Django application? I can help you with that by recommending a solution that fits your use case or even set up and maintain a hosting server for you.

Thank you for reading.