• Months of Grinding

    Mine went as same shit different day, putting the hours and grinding my skills in hope to get at this freelance game.

  • Months of Adjusting

    Battling myself for the “right” decision on the StaticPage pivot or not question. Which to be honest still hunts me but I have decided to move forward with it and make StaticPage a real page builder for various theme supporting platforms… But this is not what this post about.

  • Month of Pivoting

    My month was split into two parts, before vacation and after.

  • Month of Flying By

    It was a good and relaxing month for me, the “independence” part starting to sink in. Making me shift focus from doing only things that will bring immediate value to things that need more time to harvest. For example: meeting people, creating new connections, maintaining early ones too instead of building a web agency.

  • Month of learning

    Mine went awesome! Learned about what people want in their page builder, keyword research, video editing, social media posting. Oh, and the walkthrough video is out!

  • Week of Quiet

    Mine went good all things considered except the routine which went to hell. I’m partially back to work! Re-recorded StaticPage’s walkthrough video. Published Fiverr gig “Create a Coming Soon Page in 1 Day”. Got more traction on Twitter with the help of a pen pal, and got deeper into the rabbit hole of productivity apps.

  • Week of Rest

    Mine went great, deployed the new landing page on time, talked with some of you, got great advice, and even worked a bit on the upcoming video. Then I had to go through a small medical procedure that took me “out of order” for the rest of the week and from the looks of it this week too.

  • Week of Holidays

    My went great, spend some family and got some work done using the new routine tools for last week’s update. Let’s see some stats today!

  • Week of Change

    My week went solid. Released a StaticPage templates feature and instead of continuing to build a new landing page. I took a step back and thought about my near future goals and working routine.

  • Feedback Week

    My week went horribly with the wrong marketing assumptions, followed by anxiety. On the bright side, templates feature for StaticPage is almost ready for release with 4 templates. Now, ready to retrospec and move forward.

  • First week of spreading the word

    My week went fine with some initial numbers to show for, now I’m ready and excited for this week’s tasks!

  • April Fool's Beginning

    I’m starting a journey as a Bootstrapper and will be launching a product on May 1st.