First week of spreading the word

Hello again, how was your week?

TL;DR My week went fine with some initial numbers to show for, now I’m ready and excited for this week’s tasks!

How well the first Newsletter was received?

Let’s start with the most important numbers, your numbers. But first I want to thank you all for reading, subscribing, replying, and generally showing love. Thank you!

The newsletter sent to 150 people on last Monday and until today it achieved:

  • 95 (67.9%) opened.
  • 21 (15%) clicked on links.
  • 7 (33.3%) subscribed to the landing page.
  • 6 (6.3%) replied.
  • 3 (2%) unsubscribed.
  • 7 (4.6%) broken email. Not bad for a first week writing to a loving audience.

Pitching to Sellers

After the first day’s high sending out the newsletter, re-posting it on LinkedIn and Twitter. I was ready to talk to some potential beta testing customers or sellers as Fiverr calls them.

The measurement used for finding these sellers was:
Should have “I Will create a Coming Soon page for you” gig with above 10 recommendations

The pitch flow was to approach 50 Fiverr sellers with a cold message, if they respond positively, then send them a link to the landing page. From there, they should decide to subscribe or not.

Have sent 3 cold messages before realizing the pitch flow was broken but more on this later. Fixed the pitch flow and successfully sent another 27 cold messages before Fiverr stopped me. They sent a parental notice that I’m in violation of their terms of use agreement and I should stop immediately. Made sense, so, I did.

Anyhow, enough with the chit-chat, here are the pitching to sellers stats:

  • 30 messages were sent.
  • 23 (79.3%) were interested and got the link to the landing page.
  • 2 (8.6%) subscribed to the mailing list.
  • 2 (100%) register to test StaticPage.
  • Demographic split: Bangladesh (10), Pakistan (7), India (5), Sri Lanka (3), Serbia (2), Kuwait (1), Malaysia (1), US (1).
  • 1 Bug fixed.

My conclusions:

  • The landing page should be optimized.
  • Most of the Coming Soon page sellers on Fiverr live in Eastern countries. I will have to overcome cultural and language barriers for me to successfully market to them.

The Broken Pitch Flow

I have started cold messaging sellers without a plan on what to respond to an interested seller, who knew they would?! For the first 3 interested sellers, I responded with 2 links. One to the landing page and the second to StaticPage registration page. Realizing that having multiple links is a mistake and I should be sending only one link instead was an AH-HA moment of hindsight thinking.

I have quickly (took me the rest of the day) started changing the landing page content and flow. In a way that after subscribing to the mailing list, the seller will get an email with the link to register as a beta tester on StaticPage.

*The visual and system bugs with the mailing list software (but hey I’m in a contest for $5k) did not help and only delayed the continuing of cold messaging Fiverr sellers.

Current week

This week is all about focusing on these things:

  • Send old StaticPage users an email about the revival of the product.
  • Approaching freelancers in the market of PeoplePerHour.
  • Deploy a Templates feature. This feature will help start new pages with preset of content.
  • Creating and submitting an ad to MakerAds advertising network. An ad network for indie makers. It’s free for makers, so why not?

Still reading and want to support me?

Please subscribe to StaticPage testing mailing list here: and help win $5k which will help growing StaticPage.

Until next week, enjoy and let me know what you think! 🙌

Thank you for reading.