Month of Flying By

Hello, how was your month?

This brings my next point, I have met a few interesting people this month and had the pleasure to be interviewed at IndieTLV’s Hack Night. This event happens every 2 weeks at the Google Campus in Tel Aviv, you should check it out! Oh, and you can watch the interview here (in Hebrew).

Last thing, the new website is up and running.

Launch and Forget

In Israel, we use this idiom to describe automation. Create something of value (what does that even mean?), release it to the internet (what could possibly go wrong?), and interact with it only in the time of need (meaning never).

This what I was trying to achieve with automating my social media presence. 4 posts a week during work days on 2 social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn). 4 weeks in, I have achieved great success in the automation department only 30min of work every two weeks! BUT the engagement department suffered deeply with decreasing numbers. My guess, it’s because I have stopped engaging with others on those social networks. Also, most of the content created from socializing on those networks and now it’s almost gone!

A guess, I will be going back to engaging on social media…

College Experience

It was hard for me to focus this month and do the work. Instead, I was more focused on household chores during work hours. I got pretty good at laundry, dishwashing, organizing, and taking the garbage out.

None of those helped to move the product forward… So, I have decided to search for a “hot desk” in one of Tel Aviv’s workspaces. This will help place home/work boundaries and more importantly make me part of a community. A real one, where you need to interact with words and smiles, kind of college experience I never had.

Freelance ain’t Free

I’m shutting down the whole Freelance Markets expedition until further notice. Fiverr REALLY not working for me and UpWork have a demand and supply volume which requires full-time attention. I prefer to spend that attention on making the next version of StaticPage based on users and friends feedback.

Current Month

So, this month I will be focusing on the following things:

  • Moving to a workspace, meeting new people, networking and hearing out other people thoughts on StaticPage and the market.
  • Writing the specs of the next version of StaticPage. Damn It’s going to be awesome!
  • Finding freelancers to help me build the next version of StaticPage. Not going to do this alone this time.

Thanks for reading!

The newsletter sent to 122 people on Monday before last and until today it achieved:

  • 44 (36.4%) opened.
  • 4 (9.0%) replied.
  • 3 (2.45%) unsubscribed.

Until next month, enjoy and let me know what you think! 🙌

Thank you for reading.