Month of learning

Hello, how was your month?

Marketing on Fiverr

It’s not going well, had 62 Impressions, 13 Clicks, 34 Views, 1 Buyer Message for my Gig in the 2 weeks since it was posted. Tried to share the gig on my social media accounts LinkedIn and Twitter as recommended by Fiverr and nothing changed.

During the next 2 weeks, I will be selling proactively on Fiverr. There is a “Buyer Requests” page on the site, where buyers can post their gig requests and Sellers can apply. Already applied for a “build static web page” gig.

What if this won’t work? I’m off Fiverr to open UpWork or PeoplePerHour (Freelance markets like Fiverr) account and continue with the proactive approach. Applying for job offers to “build static web pages” of all sorts.

I’m using this technique for two reasons. First to understand better the needs and trends of the buying crowd. Second to understand the sellers’ crowd needs firsthand and what kind of tools will help them.

Creating Content

Damn it’s hard! Writing is awesome but time-consuming and a real skill I hopefully will craft one day. But this is not what I wanted to talk to you about in this section. I had a Goal of publishing my first blog post by 1st of June and everything went according to plan UNTIL I had a new plan.

The New Plan, separate the website code from the application code and move the website code to the same one the blog is using. Jekyll, the codebase the blog is using if you were wondering.

This change taking more time than expected but it’s a positive one. Combining the website and the blog under the same roof (content management system) is a good thing for search engine optimization, content editing, design editing, code writing, and especially for new sections like documentation and support (more about those in the next Newsletter 😉).

Social Media Updates

This was a good social media month! Twitter numbers got +100% increase and I’m excited to grow the account even further this month. Also, I have tried sharing content on LinkedIn starting last week and still don’t know what to make of it. I even opened my first business social account on Instagram. It’s the perfect platform to create a community around a visual product like StaticPage. Waiting until next week to create and publish content on Instagram.

All this social media activity wasn’t possible without automating the process of sharing on social networks. I’m sharing 1-2 posts a day, 4 days a week (Mon-Thu) on Twitter and LinkedIn. This would take me hours every day if I would do it by hand! Thankfully, there are ways to automate this! One of the ways is to use Buffer (social media management platform).

Current Month

I have decided to move the newsletter update for a monthly one. The biggest reason for the change is: it’s hard for me to write fast and it’s taking me half a day to a day to make the newsletter. Moving it to once a month task will clear time to do other tasks and make the content of the newsletter better.

So, this month I will be focusing on the following things:

  • Releasing the blog by finishing building it and writing the first blog post. Have any idea what the first blog post should be about? Let me know!
  • Applying daily for Buyer Requests on Fiverr to get my first gig.
  • Opening UpWork or PeoplePerHour account and applying to job offerings to build static web pages.
  • Social media growth by generating and posting more content onto it. Also, talk to people on Social networks about StaticPage and hear their feedback.

Thanks for reading!

The newsletter sent to 122 people on last Monday and until today it achieved:

  • 48 (39.7%) opened.
  • 4 (8.3%) replied.
  • 4 (8.3%) clicked on links.
  • 0 subscribed.
  • 1 (0.8%) unsubscribed.

Until next week, enjoy and let me know what you think! 🙌

Thank you for reading.