Week of Change

Hello, how was your week?

Work Routine

I had to change some stuff in my work routine. Working long hours in chaos might be cool at the moment but won’t help me in the long run. Especially when new and old media distractions are a click away. A cup of tea in my right hand and phone in my left, I have decided to make some changes.

First thing first, for any good routine to work it has to start with an information diet. NO social networks, NO news sites, NO entertainment or game sites during work hours. Site blocker is a chrome extension helping me with the task of blocking distracting sites. The count of blocked sites stands on 15 at the moment.

Second thing, for any good routine to work it has to have a pace. What better to measure time and give pace than Pomodoro Technique®. I will be doing 12 pomodoros of 30 minutes each a day with optional breaks of 5 or 15 minutes in between. Marinara: Pomodoro® Assistant is a chrome extension helping me with the task of work pacing.

Third thing, for any routine to work the mind has to be in favor of it. How can I train the brain to be on my side? Meditation comes to mind. I have tried it once before and it did wonders for me. I will do it once a day, every morning for 10 minutes. Headspace is a mindfulness phone app helping me with the task of thoughts balance and peace.

I can feel you screaming at me, SPORTS!!! You should do sports! Yeah, I know, I should and I will. As better people before me said: “one step at the time”. First, I will learn how to do this routine and then I will add more complex actions to it.

It’s not easy, I can tell you that! But it’s worth it. I will update you on the progress with some stats next week.

Near future goals

Part of the chaos surrounding me was not having clear goals for the near future. Besides the one at the end of the month and keeping you updated. At which, I’m doing a pretty consistent job! But, I do need more goals at least for the next couple of months to keep moving forward. So, I did a little soul digging and come up with a few goals that will promote StaticPage as a product and me as a creator and a provider. Here they are:

  • May 1st, Launch a StaticPage landing page with services provided and a walkthrough video.
  • May 13th, Have an active seller account on these freelance markets: Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour.
  • June 1st, Write a first blog post in a while with that expand StaticPage’s and my audience.
  • June 20th, Get 20 users for StaticPage.
  • July 1st, Build a paywall for StaticPage with the ability to try before you buy.
  • August 1st, New version of StaticPage on top of user feedback.
  • August 8st, StaticPage press release on tech release websites

What do you think? Am I going in the right direction?

Current week

This week I will be focusing on the following things:

Create a better landing page for StaticPage instead of the one I’m using for the competition. Create a better walkthrough video for StaticPage, including how to create of a landing page, preset templates, and hip background music.

Thanks for reading!

The newsletter sent to 134 people on last Monday and until today it achieved:

  • 65 (49.2%) opened.
  • 2 (3%) replied.
  • 1 (0.8%) clicked on links.
  • 0 (0%) subscribed to the landing page.
  • 5 (3.7%) unsubscribed.

Waiting to see next week’s numbers!

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Until next week, enjoy and let me know what you think! 🙌

Thank you for reading.