Week of Holidays

Hello, how did you spend your holiday season?

Routine Stats

Last week I wrote about changing my work routine and using some tools to help me enforce and track that work routine. A week past and here my results so far:

  • Started with 15 blocked websites and now I’m at 26 blocked websites. Enabled working hours to block those websites between 10am to 9pm.
  • Worked on average 9.4 pomodoros per day (4.7h) this week. Not including talking to potential users, researching competitors, and talking with friends that help me with web design and video editing.
  • I have meditated 4 out of 7 days this week.

Positive, the stats are good for a first week especially with holidays and all. This Pomodoro technique® and blocked websites gave me a framework to work in and focus! Also, I’m starting to get a sense of how much time I’m spending on each task. Can see how it will benefit me in the future.

Negative, A bit bummed out about the meditation, might be the holidays, might be just me struggling with it. But I’m not worried about it at the moment. Also, stopped using Trello for task management, back to using pen and paper. Crossing items off the list manually.

May 1st Release

The work on a new landing page for StaticPage is done with the help of a friend which is a brilliant web and product designer. The work on the new video for the landing page continues with the help of a skillful artistic friend. Don’t worry the video won’t have any 3D effects. We are trying to make it as professional as possible and it takes time, that is why it might not be ready for the May 1st release. With that written the new landing page will be launched on time! Worst case scenario the video will be replaced couple of days later.

Current week

This week I will be focusing on the following things:

  • Writing a product release part of May 1st release to StaticPage users and mailing list members announcing new landing page, video, and templates feature.
  • Start working on marketing myself as an expert building landing pages or coming soon pages on Fiverr. Trying to land my first gig and do it with the help of StaticPage.

Thanks for reading!

The newsletter sent to 129 people on last Monday and until today it achieved:

  • 51 (40.5%) opened.
  • 6 (11.7%) replied, 2 of them “on - vacation” auto-replies. :D
  • 3 (5.8%) clicked on links.
  • 1 (0.8%) subscribed.
  • 5 (3.8%) unsubscribed.

Waiting to see next week’s numbers!

Following me and the landing page competition?

Yeah, I’m not going to win. So, I have dropped from the competition and moved all the contacts ConvertKit to Mailchimp. See you at the product release!

Until next week, enjoy and let me know what you think! 🙌

Thank you for reading.